Life as an Associate Software Engineer at Beamery will involves lots of learning, building and collaborating.

Academy is partnering with Beamery to create and deliver 16 weeks of training aimed at rapidly accelerating your tech workplace readiness across these three important dimensions:

🚀 Be a part of Beamery from Day One

From the start, you'll be a core part of Beamery - meeting colleagues, having sessions with teams and learning about what you might end up working on.

👩🏾‍💻 Learn with the tech and people skill experts

As you're training, you'll be supported by the Academy Faculty team to hone your technical and people skills for the modern tech team environment.

🏎️ Build projects on modern technologies

You'll work with peers to build, test and deploy projects using modern tooling and techniques, developing full-stack apps with TypeScript, React and PostgreSQL.

🌈 It's about so much more than writing code.

Your success as a software engineer at Beamery will be about so much more than writing lines of code - and your training with Academy mirrors that.

Beamery and Academy are working together to set you up on a trajectory for rapid acceleration towards being a high performance software engineer in one of the UK's fastest growing tech companies.

You'll be collaborating with peers, through practices like pair programming; you'll be using industry processes, like Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD); and you'll be delivering value to users, through real-world Agile project sprints.

All of this happens in a culture of constant learning and open communication - values shared by Academy and Beamery.

<aside> 🚀 Start your journey - we're open for applications!

We're especially keen to encourage applications from underrepresented groups in technology.

At Academy, our mission is to massively accelerate high potential talent from non-traditional tech backgrounds.

Our typical cohorts have been 50% female, 60% ethnic minority and 30% Black - and 75% don't have a STEM degree.

Academy Faculty have successfully trained software engineers from a range of backgrounds - including career changers, school leavers and refugees.

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